Patches for Heroes

The United States has nearly 38,000 homeless veterans. The Veterans Community Project is a 501c3 nonprofit that is standing in the gap and aiming to eradicate veteran homelessness. Not only do the veterans receive a tiny home that is completely theirs for as long as they need it, but they receive the wrap-around services that are vital for them.

We are passionate about supporting this organization and wholeheartedly believe in what they are doing. Their newest expansion is St. Louis, which is the home of one of our founders, Jessica Manfre and our Craft Project Coordinator, Alicia Steele.

Our first goal to support the St. Louis VCP is to have a quilt sewn for every single veteran. This is something that they can bring with them wherever they go, forever theirs. But we need your help with supplies and shipping, so we can support our army of volunteers that have raised their hands for this project. Your donation to this initiative is greatly appreciated!

Take a moment to watch the YouTube video below from Veterans Community Project. We hope you are inspired to bring VCP to your own communities! To learn more about VCP, click here.