Giving Tuesday Military


Giving Tuesday Military was the initiative that started it all.

Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday following Thanksgiving every single year and was established in 2012. It is a global campaign aimed at inspiring global generosity and giving back. In 2019, the campaigns worldwide raised over $511 million dollars for nonprofits. Giving Tuesday believes that the world can be a more beautiful and kinder place when we work together.

Giving Tuesday has a massive social following on all social media channels aimed at showcasing kindness. It is with this in mind that Jessica reached out to Giving Tuesday in the summer of 2019. She shared a military family makeover episode that Maria and she had completed for a Coast Guard family through Maria’s show, Moving With The Military. That message sparked everything.

Jessica, Maria and Sam were asked if they would run a Giving Tuesday campaign. Their answer was yes. Stacy quickly came on board designing logos, social media, and other content. Soon hundreds of incredible ambassadors quickly joined in too. The Giving Tuesday Military movement was born, with the goal of 1 million acts of kindness to be completed on Giving Tuesday, 12/3/2019

The campaign surpassed the original goal and reached not just one million but 2.5 million people.

Following #GTM, lives were changed forever. After witnessing the incredible impact that kindness could have, they knew that somehow they wanted to embody that intent. Every single day. Through this, Inspire Up was born.

To learn more about this initiative and join in for the next Giving Tuesday Military, click here.